Chauffeur Services

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Chauffeur Services

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Why choose Europcar?

  • Only new rental cars
  • No hidden charges
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • 24/7 service in most major airports
  • Flight delayed? We'll wait for you

Terms and conditions

  • •US$ 7.02.00 per hour overtime is charged if chauffeur works outside of hours of 0730hrs – 1630hrs
  • •Hirer shall pay for Chauffeur living expenses when away from point of hire (meals and accommodation, tollgates)
  • *Personal property is not insured.
  • •We honour Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards
  • •If voucher applicable, it must specify chauffeur drive
  • •The vehicle may only be driven by the Chauffeur
  • •The chauffeur and passenger MUST wear safety belt.
  • •The vehicle may not be used for any unlawful activities.
  • •Corrosive, noxious, hazardous, flammable , explosive, radioactive or other dangerous goods and /or materials , or any goods which Europcar deem may cause damage to the vehicle, may not be transported in the vehicle.
  • •Baby / Toddler car seats will be fitted by the passenger and in the interest of safety will not be fitted by the chauffeur or dispatcher.
  • •Children and infants are counted as part of the number of passengers.
  • •Mileage will be billed from the Europcar Station if applicable.
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