Q : Vehicles Inspection

A :All Europcar vehicles are inspected prior to customer collection and then again when the vehicle is returned. An inspection form is filled out which documents kilometers travelled and any damage to the vehicle (if applicable). A copy of the inspection form is always left in the vehicle for the next customer to verify. Any additional damage found on the vehicle, on its return, will be invoiced to the renter.


Q :Please explain tourism levy

A :A compulsory Tourism Levy of 2% on the daily rental rate is paid to ZTA (Zimbabwe Tourism Authority). The funds are used to promote and develop tourism in Zimbabwe.

Q :How are km driven charged?

A :The rental rate you have chosen may include a specified amount of free kilometers per day. For example; if you get a rate with 200km’s free per day and you drive 250 kms, you will be charged the ‘per km rate’ for the extra 50km’s only. The per kilometer rate varies depending on the vehicle type.

Q : What is included in and excluded from the rate?

A : The customer’s reservation confirmation will detail the items that are included in the rate. It is important to always understand upfront what the rate includes and what you are further liable for.

Q : One-way drop off fee.

A : A one-way fee is levied for rentals terminating at a different branch to the collection branch if the two branches are over 150kms apart. This needs to be quoted at reservation time and is determined by the distance from the collection branch to the drop-off branch.


Q : Can I book additional extras or equipment?

A : Yes, you can book additional extras online. This includes any special equipment, such as child seats or GPS units. These items can be requested at time of reservation by clicking on “Add Extras” of the rate quote page. They involve extra cost and are subject to availability.


Q:How will I know that my reservation is confirmed?

A : At the end of the reservation process you will receive a "Reservation Confirmation" page with the reservation number highlighted. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail containing the details of your reservation. You should print these and keep them for your records.


Q : What happens if i want to extend my rental?

 A : Should you need to extend the rental, it is imperative that you advise the Rental team so as to remain covered by all waivers.


Q : Additional Drivers:

A : Only the person who signed the rental agreement is authorised to drive the vehicle unless a second driver is listed on the rental agreement. An additional driver surcharge is levied to cover the waivers.

Q : Help me understand excess and liability.


·         Collision Damage Waiver Insurance.  Every vehicle is subject to a compulsory excess.  The renter will be held liable for the cost of any damage to the vehicle up to the amount specified as the compulsory excess in the rental agreement.

·         Loss Waiver Insurance.  An excess is applied in the case of vehicle loss.  This can only be waived by taking LW Insurance.  We do not offer Personal Accident Insurance. Personal property is not covered by insurance.


·         No insurance cover is, or can be provided to cover any accident damage or loss caused by reckless, malicious, criminal or negligent action of the Renter or his/her passengers, as defined on the conditions of hire detailed on the reverse side of the rental agreement.

·         Negligent driving without due care and attention 

·         Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances 

·         Unsuitable driving or road conditions 

·         Unauthorised persons driving the vehicle 

·         Unauthorised cross border rentals 

·         Not adhering to traffic, road and driving regulations 

·         Failure to obtain authorisation from Europcar to extend the pre-booked rental 

·         Not reporting an accident to Europcar immediately and obtaining a police report

·         No other vehicles involved in the collision unless exceptional circumstances apply

Q :When can i expect my deposit back?

A : All things being equal, the deposit should reflect back on your card within 7-14 working days.

Q : Can I drive into another country ?

A : Europcar may permit you to cross the border with your vehicle only with prior arrangement and approval being granted by Europcar. Please check with the rental agent at least 48 hours before arriving in order that everything is prepared well ahead of time.

Q : Do I need to carry out any vehicle maintenance during the rental ?

A : Our vehicles are ready to rent once they have successfully passed all the preparation checks. During your rental and according to the mileage run, you will be required to perform customary inspections (oil level, tyre pressure ...) in accordance with reasonable and prudent use. You should stay alert for any signal from the warning lights on the vehicle's dashboard and take any necessary protective action.


Q : Do I need to return the car with a full tank?

A : No. However all vehicles are filled on return to our stations and any fuel that is placed in the tank with be charged for unless fuel dispensed by Europcar is under 5 lts.


Terms and Conditions

For more information on our terms and conditions please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.

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